Has your teacher ever told you to "breathe into your back!" or "sing with less tension!"? Did you struggle to relax in those moments, or try your best to create the desired effect, but your body got in your way? Is tension tangling up your voice? There is a solution...

In addition to his career as a baritone, Philip is also a certified Therapy Ball Practitioner, having trained with Jill Miller. Using a variety of pliable rubber balls for myofascial release, Philip can teach you how to identify elements of your support system that may be working against you and your voice, and then actively release them. These tools and techniques can be applied before a warm up, before an audition, while traveling, during a lesson, or to just treat yourself!


Philip can teach you how to use these wonderful tools to ground yourself, release your diaphragm, and unglue patterns of tension that may be holding back your breath and performing potential! 

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